Where Do I park?

Location specific parking information can be found on respective location pages.

What do I need to bring with me?

(Patients or Caregivers)

1.     Medical Marijuana Card (see the example shown to the right) - this can be brought in either on a smartphone or a printed out paper copy.

2.     Your ID that you registered with to get your Medical Marijuana Card

Optional: First Time Patients Only - Completed Patient Intake Form

Please note: Patients will only receive an electronic card from the Medical Marijuana Control Program.  Physical cards will not be mailed. 

Can I bring my card in on my phone or tablet?

Yes, your medical marijuana card can be brought in electronically or printed hard-copy.

Do I need an appointment?

No you do not, we currently only take walk-ins, but we will have an appointment scheduler in the coming months for new patients.

Do I need to fill out another patient intake form if I already did that at another Botanist location?

No, once your information is in our system, it is shared amongst all Ohio Botanist locations. If any of your information changes, please notify the dispensing agent checking you in. You will still need to bring in your medical marijuana card and photo ID with you for every visit.

Do you have a menu?

Our menu changes every day and is location specific, and is available in our waiting room and online. To find our online menu, click on “Locations” in the navigation bar at the top of our webpage, and select the menu for the Botanist nearest you. 

How much does it cost?

The prices vary based on quantity, strength, and brand. Our daily menu is available on our website and includes the most up-to-date available products and pricing. Please note that all prices posted on the menu are calculated before the state sales tax and do not include the discounted rates for veteran/indigent patients.

What products do you have?

Our current product offerings include a variety of medical marijuana plant material (also known as flower or bud), including indicas, hybrids, and sativas with a wide range of CBD and THC ratios in addition to tinctures. To see our menu online, click on “Locations” in the navigation bar at the top of our webpage, and select the menu for the Botanist nearest you. Processed products, such as edibles, lotions, capsules, and vaporizer cartridges, are not yet available in the state of Ohio, however are expected Spring 2019. We will be posting notices on social media and on our webpage as soon as processed products are available for purchase.

Do you offer any discounts?

We are only able to offer discounts to registered Veteran or Indigent patients.  For information on how to register as veteran or indigent - click here. Patients that are registered with either of these statuses will be eligible for a 25% discount on medical marijuana products and accessories.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, the only payment method we accept is cash.  For your convenience we do have an ATM in our dispensary.

Is medical marijuana covered by health insurance?

Health insurance does not currently cover medical marijuana products or accessories.

How much do I have to purchase at one time?

(Plant Material/Flower) - The minimum quantity of plant material/flower a patient or caregiver can purchase while visiting a dispensary is 1/10th of an ounce or 2.83 grams, per state regulations. 2.83g of plant material is considered a “whole-day unit”, therefore all plant material must be sold in 2.83g increments (2.83g, 5.66g, 8.49g, etc.). A Botanist dispensing agent can assist you with understanding how much of your 90-day allotment you have available both before and after your transaction.


What is the most I can purchase?

(Plant Material/Flower) - The maximum quantity of plant material/flower that a patient can have is a 90-day supply, which is at maximum 8 ounces. A Botanist dispensing agent can assist you with understanding how much of the 90-day allotment you have available both before and after your transaction.

How often can I come in and purchase product?

You are allowed to come in as often as you would like, as long as your 90-day supply has not been reached. Once your 90-day supply limit has been reached, a Botanist dispensing agent will notify you and inform you when your next allotment  or refill begins.

How do I consume plant material?

In Ohio, the only legal way to consume plant material is through vaporizing devices. Vaporizers heat plant material to a point that the cannabinoids are activated, however there is no burning/combustion.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you are able to bring one guest with you as long as they are older than 18. They will be able to accompany you into the lobby and the consultation room, however, they cannot go into the retail room unless they are a registered caregiver with the Medical Marijuana Control Program and present a caregiver card upon entry.

How long is my card good for?

Your medical marijuana card is good for one full year from the day it was issued. However, just because the card is active, does not mean the physician’s recommendation is. Your recommending physician will make a 90-day recommendation and can specify up to three refills, each for an additional 90 day allotment - for a maximum recommendation of 1 year. When you log into your medical marijuana registry account, you are able to see the number of refills, the date your next allotment or refill begins, the quantity of previous dispensations, days left in your current 90-day supply, etc.

Your first 90-day allotment begins immediately when you activate your card. The 90-day allotment is rolling, which means that it ticks down every day. For example, if you do not come into a dispensary until a month after your card is issued, you will only have 60 days left of the original 90-day allotment. If you have any questions on how the allotment works, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I am a Registered Caregiver with a Caregiver card, do I need to bring the patient?

No, once you have your caregiver card you do not need the patient with you to purchase their medication. Please bring your caregiver card and the ID that you registered with.

I’ve never used marijuana.  Is there someone in the store that can help me?

Yes.  All of our Botanist stores in Ohio are managed by Doctors of Pharmacy with years of experience running large retail pharmacies. Our pharmacists and dispensary agents have gone through extensive training in medical marijuana and are available to consult with you to help you make the right decision for your specific condition and symptoms.

I can’t physically go to a dispensary - do you deliver?

Ohio regulations prohibit the delivery of medical marijuana products. However, the regulations do allow each patient to have two registered caregivers. A caregiver is able to purchase medical marijuana on a patient’s behalf and assist with administering medication. The physician who wrote the patient’s recommendation can also submit a caregiver recommendation. A separate caregiver card will be issued with an associated $25 fee.

I have a medical marijuana card from another state. Can I use this in your dispensary?

No, unfortunately not, only Ohio medical marijuana cards can be accepted by Ohio dispensaries at this time.