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Our Products

We craft only the highest quality products with you in mind.
Step into a world where science, nature and health converge.

Indica Vape


Featuring a highly-refined distillate base enhanced with complex minor cannabinoids. Our craft-extraction techniques achieve a uniquely potent and truly flavorful product without the addition of any botanical terpenes or CBD isolate.

  • Available in a variety of strain-specific options that are either Sativa or Indica dominant. 


Developed by our master chef, using all-natural fruit flavors and vibrant vegetable coloring to deliver a delicious and consistent experience every time. Gummies are available in:

  • ~10 gummy box or ~4 gummy express pack (exact count may vary based on testing)
  • Flavors: Mandarin Orange (1:1), Red Raspberry (Indica), Key Lime (Sativa), and Wild Elderberry (Extra Strength). Amarena Cherry (2:1, high CBD)
Ohio Gummy Bags
Herbalist Tincture Pack Shot


Our Herbalist Series, like all of our products, is crafted from carefully cultivated and specially selected  botanicals, designed to bring more consistent, predictable effects.

  • Calm (Sativa) 
  • Soothe (Balanced)
  • Rest (Indica) 


Our RSO syringes are formulated using the fundamentals from Rick Simpson himself and contain highly concentrated full-spectrum oil that is fully activated and intended for oral consumption. 

Indica RSO
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